15 Best Apps to Track / Share Real-Time GPS Location

Now tracking and sharing the GPS location with your friends and family becomes super-easy with highly-interactive Android and iOS mobile apps. With the development of location sharing apps, you will be able to give access about your specific or real-time location to your friends and family whenever you want.

The apps allow you to see your exact location – all thanks to live updates support. With that effect, we bring you the 15 most promising apps for both android and iOS devices that will help you track or share your real-time GPS location on the go.

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  1. Life360

Available for: Android/ iOS

Life360 is the best family locator app available for both the iOS and Android mobile devices. The app makes it super easy to stay connected to the family members and friends in a breeze. It allows you to create your groups, known as “Circles” by including your friends, loved ones and teammates and chat with them for free of cost.

If you want to get notifications automatically whenever your family comes and goes from home, or work, then you should download and install Life360 app into your mobile device. It will help you see real-time locations of all the group members right on a family map that is visible only on Family Locator.

  1. Glympse

Available for: Android/iOS

Glympse is a user-friendly GPS location tracking and sharing app that works amazingly across all devices and screen sizes. The app lets you share your real-time location with your family, friends and teammates –thanks to its fast and secure GSP tracking program.

All you need to do is to verify and link your phone number to your Glympse account and use across different devices. You can even create groups of your family members and see their real-time location on a private family map.

  1. GPS Tracker

Available for: iOS

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful app that can help you track the location of your family, friends, co-workers anytime. The app is available only for iOS devices and gives you the exact location using GPS technology. It also leverages Internet mapping program and upgraded featured of iOS7.

  1. Swarm

Available for: iOS/Android/Windows

Swarm is the best GPS location tracking and sharing application that is compatible for all devices including iOS, Android and Windows phones. It checks into places and help you know the exact location of your family and friends on the fly.

Although you won’t get real-time tracking facility, it is more user-friendly and useful tool as compared to other apps.

  1. GPS Phone Locator

Available for: iOS

Track and share your real-time location with your loved ones using this iOS based application at ease. It not only helps you find your lost friends and family member but also discover new routes in a matter of few seconds.

It integrates well GPS functionality of the iPhone with the Internet mapping tool to offer you secure, reliable and permission-based system to let people see locations of their loved ones in a breeze.

  1. LocaToWeb

Available for: iOS

LocaToWeb is the iOS-based app that helps you track and share the GPS location of your friends and family members on the fly. It enables you share your place in real-time with the one who cares for you. The app gives you duration, speed, distance and exact location on a map to easily find you without any complication.

Now you can go the holiday trips without worrying about your loved ones. You can track them anywhere, anytime right on your iPhone.

  1. One Touch Location

Available for: Android

With this app, you can immediately share your real-time location with friends, partners and colleagues at any time. After downloading and installing the app, you can track and share your GPS location, discover new routes, explore points of interest nearby you using the best GPS technology and the Internet mapping system.

  1. InstaMapper GPS Tracking

Available for: iOS

Integrate this app to find out your location and share it with your group members available in your app circles. It is a perfect app for keeping a close eye on your friends, kids, and family. All you need to do is to send them a unique link to let them track you in real-time, without even any registration.

  1. Squad Watch

Available for: Windows

If you have a Windows phone, then you should download this app. It can help you find your location, explore points of interest around you and of course, let you share your location with your friends, family, partners and co-workers at ease. The app makes it easy for you to share real-time locations with each other in a matter of few seconds.

  1. GPS Tracks

Available for: iOS

GPS Tracks is an amazing iPhone GPS tracking app that solves your navigational problems and lets you track and share your specific location with other people with ease. It will also keep track of your activities and enables you to easily navigate to the coordinates on the go. It’s simple and intuitive dashboard and mapping functionality lets beginners to find you easily.

  1. Find My Friends

Available for: iOS

If you are an Apple device lover, then Find My Friends is an outstanding app that can fetch the location of your loved ones and show you their exact location (if that person wants to share their location).

However it is not detailed and responsive as other apps, it can help you find the different points that you are discovering during your journey and let other people see it for a bit of satisfaction.

  1. Google+

Available for: Android

To use the location tracking feature of Google+ app, you will need to go to your Google app and configure your location settings. This will describe who can see your location at a specific time on the Internet map.

  1. Pathshare

Available for: Android

It is a free location tracking and sharing app that pulls out your location and share it with other people you know in a real-time. It takes your permission and show the location for defined time at ease. You can share it via URL to that map to let people track you in the most convenient manner.

  1. PiLc

Available for: Android

Security is one of the most concerned aspects that need to be considered while tracking and sharing your GPS location. To ensure higher level of security, you can use PiLc app that share your location with the desired ones in a secure environment.

  1. GPS Location Tracker

Available for: iOS

It is specifically designed for iOS devices . It can help you fetch and track your real-time location and also gives you the permission to share it with other people right on this app.  You can monitor the location of your tracked devices in a matter of few minutes. This means locating stolen or lost devices become easy with this app.


These are the 15 most incredible real-time GPS location tracking applications that can help you pull out the exact location and let you share them with your family, partners, friends and co-workers with ease.

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