3 Best Career Opportunity in Computer Engineer

Computer Science is considered as one of the best career options in India and globally too. This particular stream provides a variety of great employment opportunities in some of the best companies in India. Job in this sector computer science is actually the next best thing to a government job. Computer engineers are basically divided into computer software engineers, who develop software programs and applications, and computer hardware engineers, who develop hardware such as keyboards, printers, computer chips and modems for the organizations.

Now let’s discuss over the best career opportunity in computer engineering field:

  1. Software Engineering: Software engineers are those professionals who work to find out complex solutions to a number of applications in different sectors for the company. They are differentiated from programmers and both are vastly different disciplines in their form. A software engineer creates the design for the programmer implements. A software engineer follows systematic approach of understanding requirements and starts working with stakeholders for developing solution as per the needs of customer. They are often part of larger teams and hence are handled with greater responsibilities and hence get paid more. Remunerations according to Glassdoor.com, range around Rs.5, 00,000 (Mean Annual Salary). Pay Scale India puts the median salary of software engineers at a slightly lesser Rs.374, 637. In the United States system software engineer earned an average of $100, 420 per year as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 data.
  2. Graphic Designing: Anyone with creative mind and a computer science degree holder can think about making a career in graphic designing. Graphic designers have an exciting job at hand because they get to work on interesting projects, and enjoy flexible work options along with good salaries in the organization. Remunerations vary highly according to the area of design, job title, and experience. While a graphic designer earns an average salary of Rs. 231,104 per year, one who specializes in web design earns a bit at lower end of the spectrum with median salary of Rs. 186, 882.
  3. Software Testing: A software tester basically takes the important responsibility of improving the quality of the applications run in the organizations. A tester or quality analyst essentially should have a keen knowledge of the entire software development lifecycle as software testing is done in each phase of product life cycle, from requirement specifications, coding, to design for the organization as well as for the clients. Though knowledge of programming isn’t mandatory, in the long run it will help more than you can imagine. Moreover, with a computer science degree one actually doesn’t have to worry about knowledge of programming languages to make a better career objection.

In this regard, many of the computer engineers are in great search for the jobs. For this many of the organizations are highly indulged in this type of jobs and can make better Career Opportunity in Computer Engineer in the organization. There are various job portals also in India which provides better opportunity for the candidates in Computer Engineer jobs and making a bright and successful career.

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