3 Endemic Birds you can come Across during Your Qinghai Birding Trip

Are you tired of the mundane life and the regular struggle of work? If yes, then surely you deserve a break. Going close to nature is often the right solution since it can help you heal, rejuvenate and bounce back to life with more energy and vigor. When we think of nature, surely a travel destination at the mountains or beach comes to our mind. But why don’t you try something completely different this time? Go for a birding trip and enjoy the vacation by witnessing the most beautiful creation of nature, the birds.

Are you a beginner who is considering a bird watching trip for the first time? Or are you a passionate birder who has been to quite a few places? Whichever the case may be, you are surely looking for a perfect place that can offer you a wide variety of endemic birds as well as a chance to explore the unadulterated natural beauty in all its rawness. If you are yet to find such a place, then this time go for Qinghai Birding Tour. This area of China is a house for 1500 different species of birds, amongst which more than 100 species are endemic. If you are visiting Qinghai, be rest assured, you will take back a heart full of amazing memories. If you are wondering which birds are the main attraction in this area, then take a look at the following points to know more.

Tibetan Rosefinch

If you are visiting Qinghai or Northern Chinese Plateau you will come across this species. It belongs to Rosefinch or Finch family Fringillidae. 17 – 18 cm long, these short legged and long-winged birds have dome head. Generally, male birds have crimson feathers from their forehead to the crown. Resorted at an altitude of 4650 m, these birds are one of the most famous endemic birds in the area.

Tibetan Partridge

Though this bird is a part of Perdix species, yet it is somewhat different in terms of appearance from other birds of the family. 28-31 cm long, these birds have a brown back, black belly and chestnut flanks just like its relatives. But what sets it apart is the striking facial pattern in black and white, that make a beautiful contrast with its rufous collar. With a white forehead and belly, these birds are can be a perfect subject for your stunning photographs during your birding trip too.

Brandt`s Mountain Finch

If you are wishing to see another member of Finch family, then Brandt`s Mountain Finch can be your subject. These medium to large sized birds are slender built. They are pale grey to blackish in color with the pointed bill. Typical to its family, they are also short legged, pointed tails and long-winged birds. From frequenting the lightly populated areas to the high altitude areas, they remain everywhere around Chinese Plateau.

So, now as you know about these three kinds of endemic birds you might encounter in this area, what are you waiting for? Book your birding trip to Qinghai now. You can also enroll for Sichuan Birding Tours for more amazing experiences.

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