5 Success Tips From Hospitality Management Candidates

Hospitality Management Candidates

I recently had a chat with hospitality management candidates on Career development. In the hospitality management field life seems to be a series of chaos and doldrums – much like business management. Here are some notes that I found interesting.

Life is chaos. Everything is either happening superfast, or you feel like you are stuck in a dead-end job. You audit MIT courses, and advance your skillset till you feel burned out, but nothing happens.

The problem with the hospitality industry is that there is no clear path to success. It doesn’t matter whether you work your way up, or graduate with honors from a university. You are not going to land a good job for a long time. You either have the education, or you have the experience. It is impossible to gain both at the same time.

However, wasting years ‘spinning your wheels’ not only costs you time, it bites into your potential wealth and earning power. Here are a few tips gained from recruiters and coaches at gecko hospitality that might help advance your career a little faster.

Most people self-sabotage. It is a fact of life, but it is something you can learn to overcome. We fear what we want most out of life. That fear causes us to self-sabotage, or ruin our opportunities.

This can be seen in several ways in the average management candidate.

  1. Personal Identity

We are afraid of losing our personal identity. We feel that this defines us, that people must accept us as who we are. The fact is, people reinvent themselves constantly. Society has reinvented itself, its definition of norms, acceptable behaviors, and value system after a simple event. That event can be anything from a terrorist attack to a popular movie.

Don’t fall in love with yourself. Stay open to reinventing yourself until you become the person you want to be.

  1. Self-Discipline

This is one of the hardest, especially for a generation that was raised measuring success and personal contentment by the number of hours they spent each day entertaining themselves, or hanging with friends.

Most people today have not learned how to get their ‘to do list’ completed. Schools do not teach organizational skills. It is hard to stick to it, even when we learn good points, like complete 3 things before noon, or bundling similar tasks together. Success is a habit. It starts by learning self-discipline.

  1. Stress Management

Most people today cannot succeed because they cannot manage their own stress. Despite this fact, most resumes do not include any indication that the manager has learned how to handle their stress, others stress, or is able to ‘shake it off’ in time of crisis.

  1. Value over Volume

Never settle for ‘good enough.’ Do a job, and do it well. Don’t multitask. Put all your focus on one job and work at it until it is finished. Measure your success. Evaluate your performance. Hold yourself accountable. The harder you are on yourself, the more valuable you are to someone else.

  1. Give Yourself Permission

Managers need to know when to point the way, and when to get out of the way. Do not try to be everything to everyone. Set high expectations for yourself, and for everyone around you, but prepare for second best.

As we age our focus veers from me, my family, my wants, to more of a supportive and empathic role. If hospitality managers can learn to do this earlier in their career then they will achieve success earlier in their career.

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