7 Undisputed Tips to Get You More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a fun, simple and exciting photo sharing app with more than 700 million monthly users. It’s no wonder businesses are using this social media platform to grow and engage their customers. Are you currently stuck with a small number of followers on Instagram? We’ll show you how to keep the ball rolling and start growing your audience significantly on Instagram.

  1. Post on a regular basis

How often do you post? If you are the kind to post once or twice a week, you need to make adjustments if you want to see your audience grow. Post two to three times a day and you’ll get more people engaging and be following your Instagram page.

  1. Use quality hashtags

Did you know that using the right hashtags can earn you instant followers on Instagram? There are a number of hashtags such as like4like, f2f, and follow to follow, which are very popularly used to increase the number of followers. You can also use hashtags that are keyword-rich and target the kind of customers you are looking to find on Instagram.

  1. Incorporate Instagram into your web design

Consider having your Instagram feed appear in a section of your website. Incorporate Instagram share buttons on your web pages as well. Designing your website with a goal to enhance your social media marketing efforts will go a long way to help you increase your target audience. Ensure that the content you share on your website is summarized and published on your Instagram page.

  1. Run a contest

Instagram contests can appeal to a large audience and cause the number of followers on your page to significantly increase. You can come up with an interesting and catchy hashtag for a photo contest which will even help you to get user-generated content. Look for examples of successful photo contests online to get ideas of how to run a campaign that gives you the most value.

  1. Cross-promote

If you have a growing audience on other social media platforms such as Facebook, make sure you connect it to your Instagram account. This allows you to easily share content on both newsfeeds. Adding an Instagram feed to your Facebook page is simple. It’s likely to give you more exposure and get your Facebook fans to also connect with you on Instagram.

  1. Upload videos

Short videos can really help you to get more Instagram followers. Research showed that video ads are more effective at improving engagement rates. The videos you can upload should be between 3 and 60 seconds long. Take time to create catchy videos that speak to your audience without dragging along for too long.

  1. Post user-generated content

You can share curated stories on Instagram to grow your audience. Your brand will gain credibility if potential clients see that there are real people using your product or service. Share a customer testimonial or an image of your client using a product/service you have on offer and then watch your audience grow.

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