Amazon FBA: Best Way To Boost Sales

Amazon FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon which is generally abbreviated as FBA is an amazon service which gives people access with world class resources, delivery options for one’s products, and great customer service to boost their sales and business online. In order to avail this one has to simply enrol for amazon FBA service, list their products and send their products to an amazon fulfilment centre. 90% people who started using amazon FBA tool reported increase in sales by an average of 15%.

The best part about FBA tool by amazon is that it allows people with one day and two day delivery option which is practically impossible for an individual to do on his own, but with the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world, amazon can do this for the individual. With new features like amazon prime, FBA can help one scale their business and reach more customers. FBA prep is the process of packaging and labelling the products and items, which may also include getting inspected in case of imported goods thus getting it all ready to be sent into Amazon.

One can get his product FBA prepped in three ways: doing it himself, paying Amazon to do it, or getting it done by a third party. Getting FBA prep is really important because if one gets it wrong, because it’s full of specialized and intricate rules, not only would amazon not ship the item, but one has to pay to have it returned back. And if defective stock gets sent to a customer, not only will the product get returned, but one will have a low rating on their success delivery rate and if these happens a lot of time, one’s account will be suspended forever, thus shattering their hopes of ever selling products on amazon.

By outsourcing the FBA prep to companies like, which are done by experts, one can significantly reduce the risk of stock being rejected. This is very important for first time seller because a first bad rating could affect one’s business forever. These third party FBA prep companies provide a much cheaper price than amazon prep service and makes sure that FBA complies with all Amazon’s rules.

There are many disadvantages if one wants to do his FBA prep himself. FBA prep can be a huge waste of time, and time which could have been spent developing and enlisting new products, will now be consumed in sticking labels to cardboard boxes. One needs a considerable amount of space if their products are somewhat larger in size and as the orders grow this space grows exponentially thus leading to a large amount of warehouse costs.

When one takes in account all these factors, a prep service like comes out to be a cheaper way of shipping sold products on amazon, thus saving both time and money. There are many factors to consider before deciding which FBA prep service to use. One needs to be careful because one is handling over partial responsibility for well-being of their business to a new third party.

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