Behind the SEO of fake code generator websites

Fake code generator websites are everywhere in their respective niches. Take for example the search “free PSN Codes”. You see a lot of results that provide “generators”. But how do they do it? What’s the SEO of scammer sites? Can actual real free PSN code Generators exist? Let’s take a look, step by step.


One-page only.


Free code generators use normally just a one-page format. That makes it simpler in SEO and general effort creating the site. Some generator sites now have also a ‘Blog’, ‘Contact’ and other such generic pages to look more legit in the eyes of the user and, more importantly, in the eyes of the Google search engine. However, the majority of the successful Free Playstation Code generators are only using a single page format.


The content of the one page.


The usual amount of words is over 1000. The text looks mostly unnatural to the user. You could think that the page of a free PSN code generator is like the Wikipedia page for the PSN itself. They will tell you what a PSN code is and how to redeem it- information that is obviously not needed. But for Google, the text is great. It knows the topic, category and where to put the page.


Sharing or you will get nothing.


This particular tactic is the reason why some of these websites don’t need to do real SEO.

If you want your free PSN code, you have to share the website on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr and so on. You will not believe it but out there are websites using this low budget, scammy SEO technique and have over 100K shares on Facebook only. We know that Google says that Social shares are not so valuable, but we know that they still hold value. But imagine that you have for one page over 100K shares. Of course, this will have a major influence on your ranking.


Link building?


Even if the generator website uses the social sharing option, it still needs to do something else for SEO. So what are they doing? Private Blogs? Link wheels? GSA? Nope. The ones that bought posts from PBNs are normally less than some weeks on the first page. A real PBN is not worth the effort because the cost to create it and maintain it would surpass the earnings of the free PSN code scam.


Just normal spam and profile links. Yes, that is it. I have never seen a free generator scammer getting links for doing guest posting or such.

They all use simple dofollow-forum links, profile links and they comment on dofollow blogs. Can you not believe it? I used ahrefs to check it and at the moment there is no better tool for Backlink research than ahrefs.


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