Black Magic Spells That Really Work For Free

Black Magic Spells

Black magic is the magic of the dark. More precisely, it’s about having evil forces into play to fulfill a negative outcome. When you want to use magic to harm others, you have to take the help of black magic spells. In fact, these magic spells are your option when you can’t harm the person physically and have to do everything remotely. Let’s say, your husband’s ex lover is creating a lot of nuisance in your life. Or, say, a shallow colleague is jealous of your success and is making your life hell. You are not being able to stop him or her from her wrong doings as she is too cunning. Well, in such situations, you can take the help of black magic spells to teach the person a lesson.

There are different kinds of black magic spells. One of the most popular one is hurt spell that can be used to cause harm to others. When you can’t reach up to the target person physically to punish him, you can cast a hurt spell remotely. The spell would channelize the evil forces around to reach up to that person and hurt him. Another important black magic spell is death spell. The spell won’t kill your target outright though. However, it will create such a situation that the person immediately falls sick and eventually dies.

Other black magic spells are revenge spells, nightmare spells, binding spells, banishing spells and so on. It’s to note here that magic spells is not always used to hurt people. In fact, sometimes these spells are used to remove a black magic hex from a victim. For example, say nightmare spells. These spells are mainly meant to send nightmares to target. But some nightmare spells also help to protect a people from nightmares.

There are some important elements in a black magic spell-

Name of the target

According to black magic principles, your spell would be more powerful when you use the name of the victim. It’s not mandatory though but an important point to make your spell stronger.


As mentioned earlier, death is an important part of black magic spell. Some of the black magic rituals work through rising of dead body to perform evil means.

Hexes or curses

Magic spells are all about making a strong wish. Black magic especially deals with wishing for a negative outcome which is also known as a hex or curse. A hex could be something mildly aggressive as hurting someone or something as dangerous as inflicting a death spell.

This is to note here that black magic is extremely complex and should be performed under the guidance of a professional and seasoned spell caster. And yes, you must also remember that black magic is defined by the Law of Karma. It says that whatever you do will come back to you three times. It means if you use black magic spell to cause harm to somebody, you would have to bear the same burden three times more. So, before you cast the black magic, make sure you can afford to meet the consequences.

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