How a Bulk SMS service can evoke waste management sense in people?

The Bulk SMS services can benefit any Industry in the world be it a media house in Delhi or Mumbai, passport offices, Government departments, Education Institutes, Hospitals, Couriers, banks or any other existing industry in the world.

Mostly banks, courier services and property dealers make the most use of the Bulk SMS service in Delhi NCR. The banks send hundreds of text messages to their clients and the courier services and shopping sites update people about the status of their parcel and when it will be delivered to the recipient.

In Delhi, there is a dire need of making people understand the significance of Civic sense and waste management.  Delhi features in the recent list of most polluted cities in the World published by WHO.  The Administration of the State can easily hire a Bulk SMS Service in Delhi NCR to make people realize the importance of Civic sense and waste management.

Though in the past, the Local Government and NGOs took some steps in this direction. The AAP Government launched an App to make it easy for people to report any negligence of MCD from any locality of the state but the app could not producer a bigger impact.

 How Government can take advantage of a Bulk SMS Company in Delhi to sense and waste management in its people.

  1. Making use of SMS services to make Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign successful was actually included in the roadmap of this campaign. Prior to launching this scheme, the State Government in Delhi also used Bulk SMS Service in Delhi NCR to send SMS to eight lakh mobile subscribers to initiate cleaning drive in the city.


  1. In March 2015, to take the campaign to next level and to make it more effective, theRailway ministry in India launched an SMS service for the train passengers so that they can ask for their coach or toilet to be cleaned.


  1. The use of SMS’s service was not made by authorities only to make the cleaning campaign popular across the country but also to launch new schemes in the country. The facility was extended to book the Gas cylinders in the country. The step was taken in 2013 after customers began complaining regarding the poor delivery of the gas cylinders in the country.


  1. The SMS services are the easiest way for Government to facilitate direct communication with its people. The service empowers it to send everything from taxation to payment reminders via simple text messages of fewer than 160 characters. Now people do not need to stand in long queues for hours together for just sending documents like registration forms, they just need to send them via Text local SMS.


  1. The bulk SMS service keeps citizens in the loop by providing them information about the emergency evacuation, transport strike and other sudden developments. Because the SMS service is the shortest and the simplest route to reach out to millions of people in a timely manner. The administration just sends a text message which reaches out to millions of people around the country in no time.


  1. The administration utilizes Bulk SMS Service in Delhi NCR to alert people about emergencies, weather situation, road closures and other disruptions. The people of this country can also make use of SMS Service to alert the administration about terror threats, potholes by sending text into their SMS box.


  1. The Utility service providing departments like PDD, PHE and BSNL send payment reminders to their subscribers via SMS. The SMS service is the shortest route to get prompt feedback from the subscribers of the Utility services providing companies. The citizens can be sent optimized survey forms seeking their feedbacks.



The Bulk SMS Provider in Delhi NCR acts as a guide to the people to locate Public service centres by sending simple SMS along with the Pin code of the location. The administration can conduct spot polls to know the response towards a particular step or scheme. In short, the Bulk SMS Delhi can be used to monitor the internal performance and regulatory audits.

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