California Police Stop a Google Autonomous Vehicle for Going at Low Speed

Google Autonomous Vehicle

The Mountain View agent reported that the car was traveling at 24 miles per hour in a 35-mile zone. In the end, he realized that he did not have a pilot and he did not write any infraction ticket. The Google Autonomous Vehicle responded in a blog that had never received a violation.

A California traffic cop stopped a vehicle to warn the driver, but no one was driving him. California laws require that there be a person behind the wheel of Google autonomous vehicles. The Mountain View agent said in his report that the car was traveling 38.5 kilometers (24 miles) per hour in a 56-kilometer (35-mile) area and was delaying the transit.

Google Autonomous Vehicle Without Driver

He realized that it was a Google Autonomous Vehicle and had it stopped. He spoke with the person behind the wheel, but without driving the vehicle, and in the end he did not write any infraction ticket.

California laws require that there be a person behind the wheel of Google autonomous vehicles.

The Latest Technology Google project responded in a blog saying that it had never received a ticket of infringement and added: “To drive too slowly? I bet that human beings do not stop them often for that reason”.

The autonomous cars that Google has been testing on roads and highways in California have been involved in 11 minor accidents in the last six years, according to the company.

Google Automobile Project

The director of the autonomous automobile project wrote on the internet that they were all minor accidents – “minor damage, no injuries” and that they occurred over more than 2,700,000 kilometers (1,700,000 miles) of evidence, including a million and a half kilometers ( almost one million miles) of totally autonomous driving. Google clarified that the fault was never from their cars.

California state authorities detailed six accidents in June involving prototypes of autonomous automobiles. In most cases, the other driver was the cause of the accident. None of the incidents was serious enough to cause injuries.


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