How to Choose the Perfect USB Hub for Your Needs

When you are looking for a perfect USB hub, your research won’t be as broad as that of buying a motherboard yet the options in the market might confuse you. So here is some help that you can take when looking for a perfect USB hub.

At first, you must know what a USB hub and your requirements for the same is. I suppose the days are over when the desktop or laptops had only one or two USB ports.

Nowadays, most of the laptops come with at least four to six USB ports. But still, it’s ubiquitous in every household to find devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner. Printer, charging cable for phones and iPods, ebooks, memory card readers all based on USB inputs. All this has led to the need for acquiring a USB hub.

Most of the time you tend to use a majority of these USB based devices simultaneously and need to charge or transfer data from them interchangeably. It is here that USB hub finds its usage. So, a USB hub is a device that allows you to devise and use one USB port to supply its capabilities on multiple devices. You can compare it with the multiple power strip that divides current from one source to multiple devices.

Well, now after you have determined your use of USB hub, you are left with a big question of which one to buy. Yes, the market offers you a variety of make and models of USB hubs, in fact, there are different variants of USB hub each used for specific purpose.

There are two different types of USB hubs-

Self-powered hubs: it comes with an external power adapter that provides the hub with power from external source

Bus powered hubs: it used the power of computer or laptop in which it is connected.

Giants like Apple recommend using self-powered USB hubs over bus powered hubs for better performance.

Apart from this, your choice of USB hub will primarily be determined by the type of port in your laptop or computer. Say if your laptop has a USB C type port than you have to buy a USB C HUB for better performance and connectivity. The type C Hubs are the most common USB hubs and are readily available in the market.

Although, USB C type was not such a curiosity even a few years back until Apple launched its MacBook in 2005. But now, almost every device like phones, tablets, iPods, printers, laptops etc. have C type port. There is number of options in USB C Hub that you can compare and buy.

For your convenience here is a quick list of some of the top rated USB C hubs you can consider.

AUKEY, Landhoo, HooToo, Belkin are my picks. You can always search the internet for latest USB C hubs that you can buy from a store near you or online. If you are looking for a good USB C hub, then it can cost you around $40 or so, but definitely, the price is commensurate with the features and quality.

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