Who has a Crown of Inventing the First Video Game?

Video Game

The advanced video gaming world can actually surprise to anyone with its state-of-the-art features. Just imagine a world and it can give you a quick access to design it in a way that is beyond your expectations. As an online gaming user you also have a lot to be explored while enjoying the latest versions of your loved games.

Everyday thought-provoking, fun and inspiring games hit the market. The creator’s imagination is now considered to be the only limit of today’s modern video games. Most importantly, the availability of the supercomputers has also made it possible for us to carry our game wherever we go.

It’s pretty difficult to find out how far the technlogy and games have reached. The credit of inventing the first video game actually goes to a nuclear physicist who was associated with a U.S. national laboratory.

Earlier Used Computer Games

Although a wide number of contendors claims to be the first computer game, expert’s opinions are always found to be useful in this regard. A difference between a video game and a computer game can be clear with the fact is that computer games don’t necessarily include the animated video instead of having flash game.

Bertie the Brain is known to be an early computer game in which the user can play tic tac toe. You as a today’s game lover could find it very boring, but it impressed the people of Toronto in 1950. In a challenge, human brain was asked to beat the computer brain.

The First Inventor of Video Games

William Higinbotham is a man who was behind the introduction of the first computer game. The only purpose of this physicist who served the Brookhaven National Laboratory was to show people a fun and exciting way that they could bring the technology into use.

Tennis for Two was a game that he created to let people introduce with the real animation first time. The game was appreciated on a massive level by a large number of visitors and gained the popularity of becoming a widely recommended exhibit at the open house.

According to Higinbotham, there was nothing remarkable done by him. In fact, the lab itself brought it to be used in their valuable projects and Higinbotham continued to come up with an exclusive form of media.

The First Inventor of Game Console

The first game console was invented by Ralph Baer. During the1950s and 1960s, there was a very small amount of people who showed their interests in video games. However, it was the late 60s when people started taking video gaming seriously.

Televisions helped Engineer Ralph Baer to make its way towards his first successful invention. It was very commno to see TV by the end of the ‘60s, and Baer planned to use them for more than just the passive entertainment. With the help of his several colleagues, Baer introduced a game and started enjoying around with their TV controls. Furthermore, he succeeded in coming up with something new that was known by the Brown Box – i.e a sample of the first video game console. With the flexibility of enjoying for multiple players, the users had a chance to play more than one game on the console.

Baer had a wide plan for the future having something big for the users. He further get the Brown Box licensed under Magnavox, the electronics company, which later came up with the first video console named Odyssey, which was also commercially available at that time. In short, people consider Baer as the father of video gaming industry.

The Odyssey carried several popular games that were quite similiar to the board games. It also planned out in shipping with cards, dice, as well as other tabletop gaming tools allowing the users to stimulate football and baseball games. Sports is a category on which based Odyssey maintained its most predictive game. Shipped by The Odyssey shipped, Table Tennis, also known as the inspiration for Pong was the first blockbuster video game.

Although there was not as fun and excitment to be explored by the people of that time as compared to the today’s ones who have countless choices on an extensive variety of browser games, they were quite happy with this invention.

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