Mobile phones or cell phones are the best inventions of the late 20th century and still, in the 21st century it is advancing and shrinking its size and growing its features. In the previous era, old wired phones were using that was only responsible for making voice calls. Mobile phones vanish these telephones by introducing features of messages, camera, video, voice recording etc. beside phone calls. Initially, cell phones were expensive but the competition in technology made it the point of attraction, more and more companies launch several phones with ever-increasing accuracy and features in it.

Now it is the age of “smartphones” having different operating systems like Android, iOS and windows. Smartphones are the comprehensive set of features that a giant computer usually has that means you do not need to grab separate devices along with you for your entertainment as well as for work.

These all stuff require a big memory area where you can store your photos, videos, files, documents etc. to store and travel along with you. Initially, smartphones were not launched with high built-in data holding capacity. So, it is required to have a memory card where you can able to store your data. Usually, SD card and micro SD card are portable in cell phones which is the best solution to the storage problem.

The memory card was invented to solve the storage issues in devices. They have a variety of kinds according to its size and capacity to hold data. They can store data from GBs to TBs. Now even micro SD card which is just the size of a finger square can hold data of 1 TB.

Data storing problem is solved but there is still a flaw of data holding in this technology. The problem usually arises when memory card corrupts, or data is lost by any means like by the action of virus and malware etc. In the end, you must suffer which is terrible.


Consider you are on a trip of Europe or anywhere special, you grab a lot of your best memories in terms of photos and videos which you can never repeat and all of a sudden by the harmful virus or mistakenly delete precious memories by yourself then you have no words to say and no action to do.

Being the age of software, IT specialists work on it and made several software that can recover almost every data lost from computer hard drive, memory card and even any external storage devices. By the means of recovery software, an effective SD card recovery can also possible and you can retrieve your memories in two to three steps.

There are tremendous variety of software available online. Almost every recovery software works on the same principles and allows user same steps of recovery. The only difference is that some are free, and some are paid. Free data recovery software is best for domestic use as it offers up to 2 GB of data to recover. If you have a large capacity of data to retrieve that you have to pay a little for that. I think that this costs not much as for your valuable remembrances.

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