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Currently, there are numerous mobile app development platform vendors in the market and so IT decision-makers are having a tough time in narrowing down the choices. Here are some prominent MADPs available on the market today. In this article, we have concentrated on what they are offering and what makes them different in order to determine the best mobile app development platforms suitable for your organization.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Adobe Experience Manager actually is a well-known enterprise CMS (content management system) which includes AEM Mobile, a prominent cloud service that helps to build and manage mobile applications. The AEM Mobile users are capable of creating applications that are known to incorporate product and customer information and seamlessly integrate with effective third-party business systems.

AEM Mobile would be providing a fully-centralized web interface that would help to build, publish, and manage mobile applications. Users would be capable of accessing built-in analytics which is effective in measuring app performance along with the accurate end-user response.

AEM Mobile aims at targeting enterprise customers who seem to be already utilizing some other Adobe technologies.  They are enthusiastic about running their mobile applications in the Adobe Experience Cloud. In this context, you must know that customers could consider signing up for the effective service straight from Adobe or via any partner.You may contact a reliable Mobile app development company in Mumbai for professional assistance.

Axway Appcelerator

Axway Appcelerator is known for providing effective tools that are used to develop, test, manage, and monitor mobile applications. Axway Appcelerator is quite popular with organizations of different sizes primarily because of its super flexible deployment choices like virtual private clouds, public clouds, and also on-premises environments.

Appcelerator boasts of an effective purpose-built framework precisely for API management and also for back-end services. It comprises another centralized dashboard effectively used to manage and monitor apps. The platform is also known to include Appcelerator Studio that is utilized to build, test, and publish applications. Additionally, Appcelerator would be providing Hyperloop to facilitate both the Android and iOS API integration and also the Titanium SDK (software development kit) to build hybrid and native mobile apps.

Axway comes up with three amazing Appcelerator editions. They are:

Indie Seat Edition: This comes free and it provides only the basic services. It is best for new developers for trying out the platform.

Pro Seat Edition: This is an upgraded version that provides additional technologies like User Analytics and App Designer.

Enterprise Seat Edition: A top-level plan that would be providing some more attractive features like performance analytics and crash detection.

Salesforce App Cloud Mobile

Salesforce App Cloud Mobile is known to provide a host of code-driven, as well as, metadata tools for developing mobile applications on the Salesforce Platform. As an integral part of the Salesforce Platform, App Cloud Mobile is supported by a broad spectrum of technologies which provide businesses with a super-flexible environment for developing and also deploying their mobile applications.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service is a relatively new entrant in the MADP scenario. This cloud-based mobile app development platform is known to use effective Oracle Cloud technologies for supporting the entire mobile app lifecycle. Users would get the opportunity of the building, managing, distributing, and monitoring applications and even configuring connectors to cloud-based and on-premises enterprise services. The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is known to provide an efficient and centralized portal to carry out competently all the lifecycle management tasks including managing APIs and security.


We have discussed just a few of the acknowledged market leaders in the MADP (mobile app development platform) scenario. There are many other competitive and competent MADPs but organizations must choose these platforms according to their precise needs.

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