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Electronic book (e-book, e-text) is version of the book in electronic (digital) form. This term is used both for works presented in digital for and for the devices used for their reading. Now electronic books are distributed everywhere in PDF format. Among the advantages of this format and the fact that it is easy to convert PDF to Doc for those users who do not have the opportunity to open PDF.

In English-speaking countries, the term e-text (electronic text) is also used to denote digital versions of books that use open formats based on simple text files for storage. Electronic textbooks are also called educational electronic tools, which include, in addition to text, raster images, data examples, exercises, specially written comments and answers to possible questions. Advantages over paper books:

· small volume (the possibility of storing dozens and hundreds of thousands of books on electronic, optical and other media);

· the possibility of full-text search (if the text of the book is recognized or typed);

· the ability to quickly and easily change the font;

· the opportunity to listen (English text-to-speech, audiobook) the text of the book;

· the ability to read books at low levels of illumination (on devices with illumination);

· low cost of distribution (in most cases only the amount of information transmitted over computer networks or physical media, for example, a CD) is paid.

Disadvantages compared to paper books:

· lack of aesthetic component, expressed in the material carrier and elements of design – is especially noticeable if the file was convert from PDF to Word;

· potential incompatibility with new hardware or software (to avoid this use simple or standardized open formats – helps to convert from PDF to Doc);

· screens of some devices quickly overstress the eyes;

· the resolution of the screens of most devices for today is such that the “image quality” on them is much worse than the paper analog;

· the battery life of the portable device is limited;

· significant inconvenience is caused by the translation into such a format of paper publications with a large number of large illustrations (for example, works on the history of art, photo albums, collections of maps, etc.),a similar problem is repeated if you convert from PDF to Word.

All listed advantages and disadvantages as a whole look like as cons that are easily correctable, so you better publish your book in electronic format.

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