Expert Tips to Make Your Tadoba Accommodation Stay Memorable & More Enjoyable

Wildlife sanctuaries like the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Andhari near Mumbai are hot favorite tourist destinations because they promise to thrill, adventure, fun, peace of mind, and ultimate relaxation. The unparalleled serenity, exotic fauna and flora, and the boundless beauty of nature beckon nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Here are a few simple tips that should make your vacation at the Tadoba National Park a truly memorable one and definitely enjoyable.

Getting up Early is a Good Idea

The best thing about any National Park is the scenic beauty and the peaceful environment that is the greatest attraction and a welcome change for the city dwellers. So, it is really a good idea to wake up before the sun rises so that you could enjoy the sunrise. The beautiful atmosphere in the National Park so early in the morning could leave you spellbound. When you reach the forest early in the morning, you get ample opportunities for indulging in wildlife and nature photography as very few tourists would be awake that early. The diffused light present at sunrise accounts for amazing clicks. Find one of the Tadoba National Park resorts that are close to it so that you could get up early in the morning and simply walk all the way to the national forest.

Remember to Take Some Extra Money Along with You

You must have some provision for emergencies and accidents as they strike without any prior intimation. You must always make it a point to carry ample cash when you are out on a vacation. A little bit of extra money could prove to be immensely useful in times of unanticipated crisis. You must keep money in different places and not just in one single place for security reasons. Keep some cash under your shoe inserts, in toiletry bags, in socks, and any other spot that seems safe enough. It is important to keep all your cash safely because if your wallet is stolen or you lose it somewhere, all your credit, debit, and ATM cards would be gone too.

Keep All Your Important Documents Carefully & Arrange for Back Up

It is essential to go for a vacation with a positive frame of mind but it is equally important to be prepared for the worst. Somebody could steal your laptop or you may misplace it while traveling. So it is necessary to keep a backup of all the important documents and photographs, especially, your passport. Maintain both digital and physical copies of your birth certificates, passport, and visa, health insurance card, driving license and also, all your important contacts and their phone numbers.


Remember patience is the greatest virtue when you are on a vacation. Sometimes things may go haywire and nothing seems to work. In such critical times, it is important to maintain your calm and stay cool. No amount of fuming and fretting could make things right at times. Instead, you must face difficult times or situations with patience and wisdom. Always take each day in a positive spirit. Only then all issues would dissipate and you could enjoy a great vacation. Small issues such as no money in the ATM or a missed bus should be dealt with complete calmness and wisdom. Stay positive at all times.

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