Get Better Location Platform for your App with Radar

In order to make your app better and go for fairer decisions with location data, you need a good location platform for your mobile app. When you are thinking of making a location tracing app, you need a program. And Radar gives you this very platform in the simplest possible manner. Radar makes location simple. It allows you to add location context and tracking to you apps with just a few line of code. When you’re into GPS making app, location tracking is very important.

Radar helps you manage three things in an easy and simple manner:

  • It allows you to track users effectively with best iOS and Android SDKs.
  • It helps in generating contextual events with insights, places as well as Geofences.
  • It allows you to send data anywhere via integrations and webhooks.

In just three simple steps, you can integrate the location with your app:

  1. Team the SDK to commence tracking users.
  2. Add context and
  3. Handle events.

With the help of Radar, you can find when a user visits a location, even when you do not have a geofence for that location. It teams up with the Facebook places and Insta locations which powers Insta and Facebook with more than 140 Million places globally.

It helps you locate the approximate home and work of the user and provide you details when the user is at work, home or on tour. Whether you want to power location content and track for any case, you can do it. Right from shopping to social, travel to on-demand location, you can find out in a second.

Radar makes use of Facebook places to find out if the user is at a particular location or not. It generates events when a user goes to a place and when leaves with complete confidence. In case it is unsure, it doesn’t generate event. In case the places have chain, Radar supports ten thousands of United Stated and International chains. So, you can get place events with specific chains. In case, you want to filter events, Radar gives you the option to filter occasions to particular categories as per your requirement.

Once you check the events, you can accept and reject places. It allows you to verify the locations to enhance the accuracy and confidence level of the upcoming events. In case you get wrong events, you can report inaccurate place data to Facebook.

All you need to do is speak to the technical team of Radar and then install it on your phone. Once you install it, you can easily process billions of locations per week. It is quite famous with the top brands. Use it for shopping, travel, food, entertainment, social or on demand location, you can use Radar for it. Try it once and see the results on your own. You are going to love it for its accuracy and efficiency. It will serve its purpose well and work in the background without affecting the functionality of your phone.

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