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Legislation authorities “The Coordination Committee for 2017” just passed law which states that the expatriates need to attain good conduct certificate attestation in Dubaiwhich stand mandatory employment/work visa from their home countries, initializing from February 4, 2018.

Certificate issuance

This year, the Cabinet verdict made clear about the certificate that it must be issued by the state of the individual, or the nation where he/she has been living in for the preceding five years. Candidates applying for Employment/Work Visa require a clearance certificate from police following a criminal verification test.

Approval of certificate

The certificate ought to be approved by the States Mission, along with the International Cooperation and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The permit will only be valid for the employee involved, not his/her dependents.

The people who have tourist, student, and visit visas do not require the certificate. On the other hand, the representative simplified regarding the certificate that it is not mandatory if current citizen within the countryside is swapping jobs. As well it’s up to the worker if they need good conduct certificate given by the home police from the worker.”

Clearing up the motive following the resolution, the Committee has spoken, “The Government’s foremost desire is preparing the UAE one of the secured countries on the planet”. The committee which consists of members from several government companies said that the achievement to build “a secure and more viable civilization” comes within the support of the hard work of the UAE government.

Associate chief officer of Dubai Police who is responsible for the investigation of criminals, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri said that the certificate’s main goal is to trim down and prevent crime in UAE. He also declared that this latest obligation will conclusively stop culprits and the state has also the right to look after its members and the public.

Certificate Attestation for UAE

The certificate then must be affirmed by UAE politic missions, or all the way through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversees and International Cooperation.

Procedure for certificate attestation for UAE

  1. Verification of Legal representative from residence country.
  2. Also get verification of Foreign Affairs from residence Country.
  3. Authentication of UAE Embassy from residence Country.
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the United Arab Emirates.

Requirements for obtaining Certification

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Active e-mail address

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