Health benefits of hunting and hiking

From the point of view of the health of people the practice of outdoor sports, such as hunting, running, mountaineering, hiking etc. They are ideal to prevent cardiovascular diseases

What are the health benefits of mountain outings and hunting?

  1.  Reduce the chances of cardiovascular and diabetes-related diseases
  2.  Reduce the rate of cholesterol among practitioners
  3.  Power the musculature of the lower limbs
  4.  Increase people’s optimism
  5.  Increase lung capacity

Psychological benefits provided by outings to nature

This type of activities or outdoor sports is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental health because physical exercise surrounded by nature decreases stress while helping to clear the head to solve daily problems.

Field trips provide a “recharge of batteries” to practitioners so it is recommended for all people.


What precautions should be taken before leaving the mountain

  •  Exits to the mountain for hiking or hunting should be done in the company of other people because if not in case of accident we will find help and no possibility of immediate help.
  •  Knowledge and planning of the land through which our journey will take place, with special attention to ravines, streams, etc.
  •  Use appropriate equipment, both in clothing and footwear, have appropriate boots that protect both the feet and ankles are essential to avoid kinks, bruises, and blisters. You can equip yourself for your trips to the field at Tactical Gear which is a shop specializing in equipment for long days in both plateaus and mountains, having everything you need for activities such as hiking, camping, etc.
  •  Take spare clothes and a rain jacket to withstand the weather and rains.
  •  Equip yourself with a small kit where there are bandages, betadine, and bandages for blisters and small scratches.
  •  Always carry radio stations with you and a mobile phone with a charged battery.
  •  Always inform your family about the hunt where you will spend the day or the mountain you plan to visit.
  •  Anticipate returning before the sun goes down, being conscious that the forces already will have them mitigated, taking with you a tactical flashlight before the forecast of which it can be done to you at night.
  •  Regular hydration: Salt with a good amount of liquid to hydrate both before, during and after the activity. If you drink water from mountain springs, keep in mind that it will be very cold if you drink directly and can cause disorders in the human body.
  •  Lunch, apart from being a tradition when you spend the day in the middle of nature, is a need for the body to recover the nutrients that we eliminate with the effort. Be cautious and take with you foods rich in carbohydrates such as nuts, cereal bars etc. (this is what cyclists take in the middle of the race)

This type of hunting, hiking, shooting or just go for a walk in the bush is recommended for all ages, in the case of children it is usual to see them as scouts sucking the love of hunting or camping since childhood, which will undoubtedly take them away of the robotic world and the bad hobbies that abound in the urban environments of large cities.

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