Two Simple Ways on How To Pop Your Ears

When you are on the plane, the ears make you uncomfortable and lose the ability of hearing. At this period, you need to know how to pop your ears immediately.

There are many ways to pop your ears. The remedies do not interfere with the medicines. Moreover, they still the priority choice for people experiencing this phenomenon. We would like to introduce to you two methods to pop your ears just with ordinal and convenient items. You can bring them with you everywhere and every time to help you how to pop your ears.

1. Nasal decongestant

There is no concrete evidence that the use of nasal decongestant can resolve buzzing and ear pain while you are on the plane, but in fact, it is useful for many people. You can try to apply nasal decongestant as a way on how to pop your ears.

Taking some nasal decongestant in the form of tablets, sprays or syrups 30 minutes before take-off can help shrink eardrums and reduce the phenomenon of buzzing and ear pain.

However, taking this dug too often is not recommended.

The steps to use the nasal decongestant in the form of spray adequately useful as follows:

  • The first step is to wash your hands clean, dry, then shake the bottle several times before spraying.
  • The second step is to stand or sit and then lean forward and look down, while gently blowing the nose out of the nose if you have.
  • The third step is to hold the nasal spray with the right hand when sprayed on the left nostril. Hold the nasal spray with the left hand if sprayed into the right nostril. It ensures that the nasal spray is directed towards the outer wall of the nose and upward.


  • The tip of the vial must fall into the nostrils.
  • Do not forcefully inhale when sprayed and after spraying, as this can cause the medicine to run straight down the throat and not deposited in the nose to work as desired.
  • The first spray should be placed horizontally, after about a minute of the second spray, you spray in the upwards direction to enter the sinus hole.
  • Depending on the type and regulations guiding the number of sprays of the day, in general, you should not spray more than four times and continuously every four times.

2. Ear drops

Using ear drops is the most convenient method to how to pop your ears due to taking a plane or flu and a cold.

There are many ear drops on the market such as antifungal medicine, antibiotics medicine, dry ear medicine, etc. However, you should choose the type of ear cleaner as antiseptic solutions such as hydroperoxide and physiological saline. They can help to clean the pus, mucus, blood in the ear.

As with ear drops, you need a clean solution or soap and water to wash your hands. You also need a tissue or cloth so you can wipe off excess fluid from your ear after the drug drops.

This guide will help you use ear drops without the aid of others. If you are a parent or caregiver for the other person, you may also follow the same steps to be able to give your baby or the person you care. If you have trouble self-medicating yourself, ask your family member or friend for help in following these steps.

You need to prepare:

  • Make the necessary supplies: Include ear drops, napkins or tissues to wipe off the excess drug.
  • Rinse hands with soap and water. If there is no water, use hand washing liquid instead.
  • Warm ear drops by holding the vial in hand for 1-2 minutes. It will help to reduce the discomfort caused by cold medicine when dropping in your ear.
  • Remove the lid of medicine. Place the cap on the clean and dry surface.
  • Make sure the drip tube is clean, free of cracking or chipping
  • If the drip tube is dirty or chipped, you should rinse the droplet with warm soapy water, then rinse it again with alcohol and let it dry naturally in the air.

How to do:

  • You should keep the side of ear downwards. If you self-medicate, the most relaxed position is to stand or sit and tilt your head to the side. If you give medicine to others, the most comfortable position is that the person tilts the head or lies on one side.
  • If the drug has a dropper, suck a few drops into the dropper. If there is only a small tip, then you just flip the medicine down.
  • With adults, you can gently pull your ears up and downwards. For children, you should gently pull the earlobe down and downwards.
  • Squeeze the exact number of drop you need into the ears.
  • Gently pull the ear canal up and down to let the medicine flow into the ear.
  • Hold the head for 2-5 minutes so the medicine can spread to the ear
  • Wipe off the excess with a clean napkin or tissue
  • Rinse your hands so that you can remove excess sticky material on your hands.


  • Most ear drops do not need cool preservation. However, read the prescription information on the label or ask the pharmacist.
  • Need to warm the drug before dripping because the drops of cold medicine in the ear are very uncomfortable and can cause dizziness, dazzle.
  • Children need to be helped, hold their baby in their lap, one arm is around their baby’s back, one hand is holding the baby’s head against his chest to give medicine to his ear.
  • You should not use ear drops for dropping eyes. However, some eye drops may be used to shrink the ears if the drug label is eye drops.
  • Ear drops are classified as topical medications, but there is a risk of ADR, which is the adverse reaction to the drug. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions if the person has an allergic reaction.


Above are some of the ways that you can do it yourself just by ordinary and available items to how to pop your ears. They are useful, conveniently and can apply easily, instead of that you take medications.

However, to the severe cases, you need to consult with doctors. Doctors can take many medications or some other specialized method to help reduce or eliminate the condition of your ears. You should ask your doctor before taking these drugs.

To get the desired effect on popping your ears quickly and thoroughly, you should combine the above methods with the prescription of your physician.








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