Monitor MAC & windows through TOS Spy Software

MAC and Windows computers, laptops and PCs are very popular machines in the world. Young kids and teens usually get windows machines because they are quite cheaper than the MAC computers devices. On another hand, MAC machines are basically designed for the professionals to work within the business organizations. So, these machines are most common among the users. Some people want to monitor these computer machines for very different and genuine reasons such as parents and employers.

The parent usually wants to track these state of the art PCs in order to set the parental control on kids and teens activities due to rise and rise of social media apps and websites and to prevent such websites that frequently spread carnal content on their domains. But when it comes to the employers, they want to monitor the employees work productivity on their company’s owned windows and MAC devices. So, how parents and employers fulfill their needs to does surveillance on these particular target PCs such as windows and MAC. Let’s discuss how they can monitor these machines to the fullest with great and sheer efficiency and with accuracy.

How to monitor windows & MAC?

Monitor MAC through keylogger

These machines can be tracked through TheOneSpy (windows+MAC) spy app. it enables users to do surveillance on these state of the art machines and get to know what sort of activities a target user is doing on the MAC or Windows computers laptops and desktops. Let’s suppose that Parents want to know what sort of activities kids and teens are doing on the device such as whom they are talking to on the messenger such as Skype, Line, Yahoo, Vine and plenty of others alike, then parents can use the Keylogger of the spy software for MAC .

It empowers parents to get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target MAC laptop such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Having such type of access to the applied keystrokes, parents can get access to the messenger having the password and then view what really young kids and teens were doing on the machines. On another hand, parents will have complete access to MAC machine and nothing will be left to hide something from the kids and teens.

Track MAC by using Screenshots

Parents can even get real-time screenshots of kids and teens MAC machine screen, and then they will get the info of what they were up to on their machines.

Do surveillance on MAC with camera Bug

Usually, parents don’t have time to know what their children are doing at the moment, so they can use camera bug of the MAC spy program to get to know who is up to the device by using the camera bug of the Mac spy software.

Spy on Windows with user-friendly reports

Employers usually want to monitor their employee’s activities within the working hours. They can get time-to-reports of employees within the working hours with the help of windows spy program and get real-time reports of each and every single activity they perform on the windows laptops machines.

View un-authorized activities through Mighty alarms

It is a very common thing that employers don’t want to get the employee’s hands on some particular things stored within the company’s owned device or the activities that waste time such as visiting websites to get entertained. They can set those activities with mighty alarms of TheOneSpy windows monitoring software and if employees do the same, they will instantly get to know what they are doing at the moment.



TheOneSpy monitoring tool is the best to track windows,MAC and PCs, android without providing a target users a clue that someone is spying on them.

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