How to pay credit card bill online by Net Banking & more?

pay credit card bill online

The internet provides a variety of options to the credit card holders to make their monthly payments through various means. Below are different ways to pay credit card bills online, all of which may or may not be offered by every bank. A few options are bank specific, hence readers are advised to confirm with their respective banks before making payments using such facilities.


  • Internet banking: Also called online banking or net banking, Internet banking is one of most preferred, easiest and the quickest ways to pay your credit card bills. All you need is a net banking account either with one of the banks you have an account with or with the same credit an card issuing bank.


Having an activated net banking account with the credit card issuer makes the job easy, as the card will be linked to the account and you can directly make payment to the card. In case the card is not linked, you can register it in the same net banking portal and make your payments. With net banking accounts of other banks, you have to register the credit card for the first time you’re making payment and for the subsequent months you can simply make the payment. Every time you make credit card payment using net banking, you will receive a reference number for the transaction. It would be wise to save it till you receive a payment confirmation from the bank.

Benefits of making payments through internet banking include same day processing, which is useful for last day payers, and no service charges. More info  about Applying Credit Card Online


  • Funds transfer: Third party fund transfer is another option available for internet banking users to make credit card payments online. You can make payment for any bank’s credit card using the funds transfer option. It’s as simple as transferring money from one account to another. You can do it either through Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) or National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT).


Just like how you add beneficiary while transferring funds, you need to add your credit card to make payment. While adding the card, enter the 16-digit credit card number in the account number column and in the IFSC code column add bank-specific code meant for credit card payments. Once the card is added, you can transfer your outstanding bill either through IMPS/NEFT. While IMPS payment provides instant clearance, NEFT payment made after bank working hours will be cleared on the next business day.

Net banking users can also do funds transfer through Visa Money Transfer using the same process.

  • Mobile applications/banking: You can also make credit card payment through the mobile applications or apps of the bank which issued you the credit card. You need to install the app, enter your internet banking details and pay your credit card bills. However, you have to register your credit card before making a payment, similar to that in internet banking.


  • Auto debit: This is an automated credit bill payment option provided by certain banks. Commonly called ‘Auto debit’ option, it allows the credit card users to authorize the bank to auto-debit the credit card bill amount every month on a specific date or on payment due date.


While opting for Auto Debit option, users will be prompted to choose either the total amount due or the minimum amount due or fixed amount to be paid towards the bill. This mode of payment, however, is possible only when your credit card provider and the bank with which you have your account are the same.

Auto debit is a hassle-free way of making credit card payment as you don’t have to remember your payment due date hence can save yourself from late payment charges. However, you may end up in trouble if you don’t have sufficient balance in your bank account on the day of auto debit.


Let’s say you have an HDFC credit card but have a savings account with Axis Bank and would like your credit card payments to be made from the latter bank. In that case, you can enrol for the NACH facility, through which you can authorize HDFC to deduct your credit card bill amount every month from your Axis bank account. You can opt from the minimum due, total amount due and fixed amount to be debited every month on a specific date.

credit card bil payment


  • SMS: A few banks will allow the users to make payments of the credit cards issued by them through SMS. Customers have to send an SMS in a specific format with account number, payment amount and credit card number to a dedicated number, authorising the bank to deduct bill amount from the account. However, there will be payment limit for the transactions done through SMS. SMS payment is ideal to make payments of Rs.5000 or below.



  • Debit card: Credit card users can also use their debit cards to make online credit card payments. You can directly visit the respective bank website and make credit card payment. You need to choose debit card as your mode of payment, when prompted for mode of payment.



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