How To Save On Printing Expenses In The Office Environment

Printing is an essential part of business and office work. Even though there are other alternatives to printing in the modern day, it is still not possible to completely avoid producing prints. One of the main challenges associated with printing is the high costs involved. Paper, ink, and printing machines take a significant chunk of investment. Running and maintenance costs can also be high as printing resources tend to run out after a while. Since it is not possible to do away with printing and the associated costs, it is necessary to come up with measures of reducing these costs. Here are some great tips on reducing printing costs in the office environment.

Use Printers With Separate Cartridge Slots

Printers with separate cartridge slots are much more efficient and less likely to cause spills. Such kinds of printers thus make economic sense if you are looking to save some money. These kinds of printers are also much easier to maintain and less likely to develop problems. Performing routine processes like refilling are also much easier and efficient. When you consider these advantages, making use of a printer with separate cartridge slots is the most sensible measure.

Always Print In Draft Mode

While most people assume that the draft mode print setting is meant for only producing test copies, this must not always be the case. Indeed, printing using the draft mode produces your copy faster and uses less ink. The quality of the print is however not as bad as you might assume. In fact, most printers produce quality prints in draft mode and such copies can be used for any purpose. Printing using the draft mode thus saves you on ink and ultimately on overall printing costs.

Be Sure To Recycle Paper

The white paper commonly used in an office setup can be recycled several times and in several ways. First, the paper can be used to produce non-official documents used in the office setup. In addition, the paper can be cut and re-used to make lists and other informal documents that only need small pieces of paper. A lot of wastage can occur and lead to unprecedented costs when there is no recycling plan. It is thus important to establish a recycling plan in the office and make huge savings on paper costs.

Use Cheaper Third Party Cartridges And Toners

In the cartridges market, you can find new original ink cartridges and toners, as well as remanufactured ones. While most people go for the more expensive new cartridges, they are not necessarily of superior quality compared to the ones provided by third-party suppliers. According to the reviews most third-party products, such as Orink toners, are very efficient for daily use. Considering that they are way more affordable than the original ink cartridges, they definitely present a great opportunity if you are looking to make significant savings on printing expenses.

Office printing supplies can result in huge costs if they are not checked. It might not be possible to do away with printing at your office or business premises, but it is possible to embrace some cost-saving measures. With the above tips, you can be sure of making significant savings on your printing costs.

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