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Your hunt for the best and top-ranked Windows Data Recovery Software ends up here. Now, you don’t need to worry, feel alarmed relive the worst nightmare of losing your files. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home is here to recover your deleted, or inaccessible data.

Windows is the most common operating system. That is the best because it is easy in use, quick in processing, efficient in functioning, powerful in design, and lastly intuitive in the interface.

Pros Comes with Cons

While on the one hand, all the said benefits make Windows a top-rated anchor and user-friendly choice, yet on other hand actions like corruption, format or damage aids it to delete or make data inaccessible.

As a consequence, the situation urges for recovery to restore lost, deleted, or inaccessible data. Indeed, in many circumstances, you can recover data manually but there are unforeseen actions where you cannot, or moreover, you also need technical expertise to do so. Even though, there is no Integrity assurance.

But, this does not mean you cannot regain lost or deleted data completely ever. You can! You just have to trust Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home. This software is efficient, secure, powerful, and reliable at the same time. It lets you undelete your precious data quickly, easily, and steadily.

Here is how:

Working Process

  1. Download, Install and Register the software

  1. Launch the software
  2. Select the Type of Data that you want to recover
  3. Select the Location from where you want to recover
  4. Click Scan
  5. Preview the scanned data
  6. Select the desired files and click Recover followed by Start Saving to save the recovered data.

This completes your Recovery Process.

What all this Software Have for its Customers?

  • Regain All Types of Lost or Deleted Files: This software is potent enough to recover lost or deleted files of any type. Whether you want to recover Documents, Photos, Videos, Audio, Spreadsheet, PPT, PDF, and more, you can easily count on it.


  • Restore from All Types of Storage Media: Stellar Data Recovery understands that data loss does not only occurs from the internal drive, it can also happen from external drive such as USB, SD Card, CF cards, Flashcards, Hard Drive, etc.
  • Recover from Specific Location: An enhanced feature like recovery from the specific drive, specific folder backs this Windows Data Recovery software.


  • Effective File Search Facility: Another smart feature which allows you to find your files more efficiently. You have the freedom to search a file using its type, name, etc.
  • Supports hundreds of File Types: The software is compatible with almost more than hundred file type to make your recovery job easier. Adding more, it also provides you the option to add your own file type for convenience.
  • Two-modes of Scanning: Quick and Deep: Typically, Quick Scan ensures to recover your data in almost all cases, yet there are scenarios like formatting or corruption where you need a more comprehensive search. In such scenarios, you can trust Deep Scan. It thoroughly scans the files and lets you recover data efficiently.
  • Facility to Sort Your Files: A disorganized data is not at all acceptable. To avoid the annoyance of this haphazard, the software includes Filtered Tree option. It lets you sort you sort your files easily in your way. You can sort your files your Filtered Tree option.
  • Turn ON/OFF Feature: An effortless yet impressive feature. While on the one hand, with ON mode, it allows you to Preview your files simultaneously, on the other hand with OFF, it allows you to boost your scan.
  • Ensures Recovery in Almost All Scenarios: Whether you have lost data or made it inaccessible due to virus attack, power failure, sabotage, software malfunction, accidental deletion, or any other, it is going to help you in all.
  • Compatibility: This software is a lightweight software and requires just 50 MB of Free Space on the hard disk & 1GB on memory to run. This DIY software works in complete harmony with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

Why Should You Buy Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home?

  • Intuitive in Use: For us, ease and convenience are the paramount factors. The designing of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home has done with a prime focus on it.
  • Try Before Buy: The software is available for evaluation. You can try its Demo Version to verify what all it anticipates.
  • 100% Secure: This software is available in Read-Only Mode. So, in short, there is no overwriting issue. Moreover, it is also free from Virus or malware.
  • Money-back Assurance: The software comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. In case, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can claim for amount using Money-back policy.


Bid goodbye to all your apprehensions and horror nightmares of data loss. Be confident and use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home. This software has all that a Top-Rated Anchor should have. So, there is no reason for hesitation!

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