How are Tested Portable Appliances superior to non-Tested Appliances while travelling?

Our daily life revolves around electrical appliances. In minor ways to major, completing most tasks without their aid would be difficult, more time consuming and in many cases impossible. This importance, as well as dependence on electrical appliances in life, implies that immense care must be taken in their handling and use.

Appliance testing and tagging is one such essential element of maintenance of equipment.

What is meant by appliance testing and tagging?

Regular use of appliances leads to wear and tear. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in their running and efficiency and can have harmful side effects as well. Take, for instance, a microwave. It is used numerous times every day and has a major role not only in households but also in offices, restaurants and almost every place inhabited and frequented by us.

The doors are open and closed, sometimes gently and sometimes with force. Whatever the means of operation might be, regular use renders damage to the microwave and this leads to leaking of radio waves that are used to power up water molecules and thus heat up food. Regular interaction with said waves can be very damaging.

Testing and tagging of appliances judges their working condition and informs us regarding their suitability for use. Certified practitioners are called upon for the purpose and they use portable appliance testers after which results are evaluated and equipment is tagged accordingly.

The benefits of traveling with tested portable appliances.

There is no doubt that the testing of appliances is both essential and beneficial. It becomes even more important to be sure of the good working condition of appliances if we are traveling with them:

  • Travelling with an appliance that has been tested gives us the peace of mind of knowing that at the time of intended use, the equipment will perform appropriately.


  • It ensures efficient working of the appliance when the need arises. That is to say, we can be reasonably certain that at the time of use, the appliance will be functioning adequately and will yield desired results. For instance, a malfunctioning hair dryer or a hair straightener (Yes they should be tested too!) can ruin a whole evening.


  • A malfunctioning piece of equipment however mundane it may be can pose a serious threat. Frayed cords, for example, are a fairly common occurrence, and one that is not taken very seriously. However, they can lead to short circuiting and fire and can cause irreparable damage to the equipment itself. Imagine walking into a conference and plugging in the laptop for a presentation, only to have it blow up!


  • Testing of appliances takes two forms; visual inspection as well as electrical inspection. This means that the equipment is essentially tested inside and out and lends credibility to its working condition.

While traveling, we are usually short of spares, that is to say, we might have one laptop with us as opposed to two or three alternates. This boosts the importance of appliances by much more. Apart from the self-satisfaction gleaned from the information of traveling with a tested and tagged appliance, appliance testing, and tagging also ensure safety while the use of equipment.

A laptop is a very small example, heavy machinery being utilized in construction and mining industries can have a much greater impact. Not one but many people are involved in the operations of heavy equipment, and any fault or malfunction would lead to harm to all individuals in contact with the said equipment. It would lead to damage or loss of life as well as financial losses.

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