How To Think Out Of The Box For Sticker Designing To Promotion?

You see stickers continually on windows, walls, car everywhere! There are Promotional stickers and stickers used for fun those can be downloaded online in the form of SVG. So before you try your hands on designing a sticker, you must be aware of the need and use of the stickers. Here are a few tips that will not let your effort waste, either you are designing a sticker for personal use or commercial use:

Be Simple

We can print stickers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, but remember: the purpose of a “sticker” designing is not only to list your services, events, or products. You have to play on the natural curiosity of what interests you to make a sticker and what will look good for others to stimulate their interest. You can not mount a whole brochure on a sticker, but you can persuade the target to look for it.

Get Noticed

If you are designing a sticker for your business or marketing, then it’s not enough to put your brand on a sticker hoping people will look at it. Attract with a question or an image like if you are organizing a Thanksgiving event, then similar thanksgiving applique stickers placed on walls or malls can attract your visitors. Whatever you choose, your purpose is to make you visit online or call you on the phone. The stickers can be designed with enormous imagination and ideas, but the important thing is to be noticed! These design can also be used as Thanksgiving embroidery designs.

Choose the Right Places

Apart from decoration or hobby, stickers can be used for marketing business. So know who your potential customers are, so put your stickers in the right places. In the design phase, think that there may be surfaces of any kind in those places, so choose the sticker that will not create problems, even if it costs more.

Learn other’s faults

Stickers are highly used for brand promotions so first of all learn from the good and bad things that others do with their brand. The other is the great companies in every field and of course your competitors. Look closely at what they do and let them go to criticism, spontaneously: look at the various channels of their communication as a customer-user, and take notes of what you think is done well and what is wrong with your logo or sticker. Your purpose is not copying anything but simply studying the field and learning from others’ experiences.


It would be better, at least in the discovery and definition of the concept to involve the whole team, for small ones. Doing so much brainstorming to bring out important values, keywords, messages that you want to transfer to view the very image of startup and its role in the world. In this way, you get to share concepts and ideas that people feel like their values ​​and on which you can then delegate work to a team communication figure or outsource it.

Think Differently

The fact that stickers are an extremely customizable product means that there are no limits to imagination. To give an example, design stickers to apply on coins to show the coin in half clean and dirty half!

Coordinate campaigns

If you are going for a promotional campaign with stickers, then you need to think about the ways through which you are going to promote your campaign. Transform your idea into a coordinated and effective advertising campaign.

These sticker advertising tips, if followed by discipline can reap many fruits for your business.

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