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Over the past decades, the attribute that has emerged as the most important for having a successful business is marketing. Either you will be successful in your business depends on various factors, but through the development of information technology and the worldwide consciousness about the information scene, the marketing of a product has become the most dictating factor, rather than the quality control or price determination. In Marketing the exchange relationship is studied, as of it is the tool to not only make customers but also satisfy them.

The formal definition of marketing

Marketing has a formal definition as well where it is defined as the processor action was taken by any organization to deliver, communicate and exchange any entity which has a value not only for the customer of that product but also the larger society. Though the word originally meant something else that is, going to the market for buying products, over the time it has acquired this new meaning to it. There are other defining ways as well as the Marketing phenomenon. It can also be described in the following way that Marketing is used to maximise the returns of the shareholders by developing a relationship with the customer and efficient competition in the market all these by the management process, which is indeed recognized as marketing procedure.

Conceptualising the objectives

Conceptually marketing is used to fulfill the interest of the organization as well as its objectives but to do that the organization is also ought to satisfy the needs of the customers more efficiently in the competitive market. The marketing procedure takes into its consideration the following aspects. The need that is an essential attribute that everything needs to be in order from various aspects to sustain. The Wants the culture shapes that, and it is not as fundamental as the need, but it can play a crucial role depending on the scenario. And finally the Demand, this can only take place if the need and want both meets with another fundamental factor and backed by it that is paying capability.

When it comes to starting a business, then capital shortfall becomes the primary issue. To help individuals success their business goals, many professional firms offer business loans on a short-term basis. The rate of interest varies from one company to another, and it also depends on some factors like the amount you need, specific business purpose, duration, etc.

Orienting the marketing

There are various general orientations present in this context. The orientation which farm beholds that depicts the perception they have about their product. Some of the common orienting attitudes are as follows; Product orientation that is directly related to the quality of the product of a farm. It is believed that the consumers will continue to buy their product as long as it can hold the higher standard in the question of the product quality. But in the case of Sales orientation, the attitude is somewhat different; a farm using this orientation is less likely to change as per the customer’s choice rather it deploys the best possible promotion technique to acquire maximum sale amount.

There are other orientations present as well; such as Customer Orientation, Marketing Orientation, and Organizational Orientation or sales Orientation and so on.

Lastly, I would mention that a marketing procedure depends on the four ‘P’s, those are a product, pricing, placement (distribution) and promotion. If one can take these four aspects properly into consideration then only he can gain success through Marketing.

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