TV Menu Board – A Unique Branding SolutionThat Modern Businesses Can Use!

It a competitive world and marketing of any brand or product/service has become a challenge today. The strategies for promotion of a brand or product should consider the day-to-day changes in the market and the techniques used to promote the brand has to be changed accordingly.  A brand or product/service gets popular only when it reaches the right kind of audience.  The promotional activity is a significant role in a marketing campaign, should be done considering the market conditions. Branding is not creating an awareness of a product or service, and it motivates the customer to buy the product or service. Special care has to be taken in creating an image of a brand. Proper research and analysis of the market support in the creation of a brand. The activities of a sale or purchase may vary but the image of a brand once created remains constant in the minds of people.  The taglines used for the product remains noted throughout the life of the product or service.  That is the importance of a branding.

Branding and communication- Two sides of one coin

Branding and communication go hand in hand.  A brand can be promoted well if the details regarding the brand or the product are adequately communicated. Communication plays an important role in sharing views and information.  From yesteryears, the modes of communication are the same- Vocal, written messages and pictures or images.  Communication through voice or using vocal media creates an impression by attracting the customer by sound; written mode of communication creates an impression on the brain of the person reading the messages.  Pictures or images controls both brain and body of the person as the information passed through pictures or images is more than a vocal media or written media.Digital signage is one of the techniques used as a marketing strategy. Digital signage refers to any digital display which is managed remotely and is linked to sales, advertising, and marketing of the product or brand.

Exclusive advantages of digital signage

Digital signage is always helpful irrespective of place it is used.  It helps the customers by navigating them in the store premises.  It influences the mind of the customers by assisting them in choosing the product in a store by providing product information.  The technique of Digital signage is used in the businesses like restaurants, shopping malls, hospitality, especially to create brand awareness. Digital signage consists of electronic displays which can be managed centrally.  There are other sources of advertising but using a TV menu board option of digital signage proved to be very successful since it came into existence.

Promote your brand with TV menu boards

TV menu boards are one of the ways of promoting any brand.  Typically when we visit any restaurant or big shopping malls, we find large TV menu boards being displayed showing the contents. I have always found this sort of display very advantageous as it attracts the customers very easily than the conventional type of menu boards.

  • Good visibility: The content displayed on TV menu boards have an excellent visibility even at night times. The usage of TV Menu board can be enjoyed best when many pictures can be viewed continuously without any interruption. The customers get attracted and visit the place where these TV menu boards are displayed with a curiosity to check what is being presented.


  • Updation of content: One more benefit of using this TV Menu board is that the content can be changed or updated easily. As the TV menu board is operated through remote sensing gadget, the one need not actually go near the TV menu board and change the content physically. The content can be managed sitting anywhere distant from the TV menu board.


  • Maintenance: Maintenance of TV menu boards is comparatively less. The only thing that has to be ensured is that there is power backup in case of any power failure.


  • Occupies less space: As TV menu board is wall mounted and can be installed only on walls, it occupies less space when compared to other advertising hoardings. Even though advertising hoardings is hung on a tower, the space required for a tower differs.  The quality of tower to hold the big hoarding has to be tested which is not necessary in case of TV menu boards.  This particular option makes TV menu board more suitable for all kinds of businesses, mainly small-scale company.


  • Efficiently operated: The shop owner can easily program the TV menu board to display the contents as per the time. For instance, if the shop owner wants to show particular kind of promotion during daytime and a different type of promotion at night time, it can be easily done.


  • Onetime expense: Installation of digital TV menu board is a one time expense. Even though installation is done only once, it has to be regularly maintained. However, these maintenance costs are less when compared to the revenue earned by using this technique.


  • A decrease in the workforce: As the digital TV menu board displays all the content along with price, a customer can directly go to the store and buy the product directly.  He/she need not wait for any assistance regarding details of the product.  The person at billing counter can do the job as well.  So the expense incurred on additional human resources is automatically controlled.


  • Ability to improve source of additional income: This is possible in case of restaurants or business related to food items. Typically, when a TV menu board is installed apart from the firm’s details, even other co-related products can be publicized for which the company is being compensated. This way, the firm installing TV menu boards can increase its income.


  • Customer suggestion and feedback: The digital TV menu board has a facility to accept even customer feedback and suggestions. The display board provides separate links to give feedback or suggestions.  These suggestions are further processed, and appropriate action is taken by the marketing team to solve the problems.

No matter how much the technology has improved, it finally depends on how well the technology is being utilized.

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