Want to Reach Latinos on Twitter? Use Hashtags

Latinos have embraced Twitter as a place to gather and organize, making it a good tool for firms, marketers, and those wishing to target the Hispanic population. The hashtag is the key to successfully reaching Latinos on Twitter.

“Latinos not only index higher on Twitter than any other ethnic group,” reports Giovanni Rodriguez in his Clickz article “Latinos in #Twitterlandia, “but also self-index higher: that is, we tend to self-identify, self-organize, and self-categorize more than other folks.”

Twitter’s hashtag makes it easier to search for groups of related tweets and to find people tweeting on a subject of interest. You can search for tweets on a particular topic, or you can follow tagged conversations in real time.

But skillful use of this tool to connect with the Latino Twitter community requires recognizing a few things. For Latinos:

Hashtags are about people who share a common interest. The people are the important element, not so much the subject. A successful marketer becomes part of the group.

The hashtag denotes a long-term conversation. Unlike most Twitter activity, which flares and then disappears in what’s called a Twitter storm, Latino conversations continue indefinitely. Marketers also need to make a commitment to remain part of the conversation, not just drop in and then disappear.

Hashtags can make things happen in the real world. Twitter gives groups of like-minded people a platform where they can organize and then take action. If you’re using one of these tags, it helps to share the goal of the other users.

Whether they’re weighing in on immigration (#immigration), Hispanic marketing (#hispanicize) or life in general (#latism, #latino or #hispanic), Latinos have formed a vibrant community within Twitter. You can join these digital neighborhoods, using the appropriate hashtags and honest conversation to reach the Latinos gathered there.

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