White Magic Love Spells Are a Pure Form of Spells

Black Magic Love Spells

You will also get black magic love spells but if you are aspiring for ethical and sensible love, you have to go for the white magic ones. The best part about the white magic spells is that they are all about goodness. They work to boost up your potential and opportunities for romance and that too in a positive way. By “positive” it means, something that is attained without causing hurt or harm to others. It’s all about good Karma which ensures good results.

White magic love spells help to solve many problems. Are you madly in love with somebody and desire to attract your crush towards you? Are you bored of being single for a long time and would love to have a loving soulmate in your life? Are you having issues with your partner for all wrong reasons? Do you wish your current partner to stay committed to you? Well, white magic love spells will take care of all these concerns for you and fill your life with love and positivity.

One of the most popular love spells is commitment spell. To do the spell, you would need- white candle holder, white candle, cinnamon, jasmine flowers, wash cloth, patchouli oil, sea salt, fresh towel, matches, goat milk and olive oil.

First you will light the white candle. The go to your bath tub, run water & stand with the candle holding there- all the while contemplating on the deep commitment you want from your lover. Pour in other ingredients like patchouli oil, cinnamon and jasmine flowers in the water. Place candle in holder. Now get into the tub and submerge yourself in water. Use the wash cloth to wash upper portion of the body. Then, hold up the candle and again think deeply about your desired wishes. Release what you want into Universe. Now, put the candle in its previous position. Then, rub salt on your body and use goat milk for rinsing. Submerge yourself into water again and visualize about what your heart wants. Finally blow off your candle.

This is to ensure that white magic love spells will never work if you want to cast them to destroy an otherwise loving relationship. For example, let’s say you are in love with someone. But that person wants somebody else or is in a committed relation with another person. Now, if you want to ruin that relationship and desire to divert your crush to you – despite his/her free will- white magic love spells would be useless for you. By all means white magic spells are strictly against anything unethical and harmful. Thus, make sure your intentions are right and pure while you sit to cast white magic love spells.

You can  cast the white magic love spells all by yourself. But if you think the methods are slightly tough, you can take the help of a spell caster. Always be sure of getting all the ingredients and methods of the spell perfect.

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