What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About IT Professional Years

Most of us, who want to know about anything, turn to the internet and take the aid of Google and Wikipedia. Most of the informative pages and articles can be found on Wikipedia. But it may also happen that Wiki is unable to answer your query. In any case, you can always rely on Google for any kind of information. But the problem is that on Google also, the search string results in hundreds of pages that are related or unrelated to your query. Moreover, the information is scattered and large while what you need is concise information on a single page.

Similar is the case of IT Professional Year. There is no Wikipedia page on it and Google also displays scattered info on it. But don’t worry. This blog is for you only. The main purpose of these blog posts is to give the visitors a clear idea of what we are offering – in a simple language.

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about IT Professional Year, we are going to tell you now.

What is Professional Year in IT?

Professional Year or Professional Year Program is an initiative from the Australian Government with the approval of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia. It aims to develop employability in the international graduates in Australia to get good jobs and at the same time supply the industry with some trained professionals who know how to work in the industry pretty well.

Professional Year Programs are offered in mainly 3 streams. These are:

  • Professional Year Program in Accounting
  • Professional Year Program in Engineering
  • Professional Year Program in IT Profession

The common points of all these different programs are:

  • You need to have a graduate or post-graduate degree in the relevant stream for which you are applying.
  • The program duration is 44 weeks (minimum) with classroom training and a 12-week internship.
  • The program’s successful completion results in an award of extra 5 points towards the permanent residency in Australia.

An IT Professional Year or Professional Year Program in IT is the unique training program in Information Technology developed by the ACS (Australian Computer Society). The PYP in IT offers international graduates in Australia a learning experience which comprises of knowledge as well as practical skills which are needed to increase their employability and career prospects.

Program Stages

  1. Classroom Training

The first stage of the Professional Year Program in IT includes studying seven four-week long subjects. It’s designed to supply you with the theoretical information and communication skills to successfully settle into the Australian business environment in the IT industry.

  1. Practical Training/Internship

To help you apply your learning and gain industrial expertise, you’ll participate in a twelve-week professional work integrated learning placement in the IT industry organized by special internship division of the institute.

  1. Practical Application for the Training

This is the final stage of your professional year program. Students who have successfully completed their program become ready to enter the industry with the acquired skills. At several occasions, it is seen that the company where the students completed internship is offered a place to work there.

This is a brief idea about Professional Year Program in IT. If you want to know more about IT professional year, you can contact Professional Year Program.

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